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Above Grade Level offers completely customized, world class tutoring, in the most effective format for learning: 1-on-1 & in the comfort of your own home.

Subjects Covered: Math (K - Grade 12), English (K - Grade 10), Reading Program (Ages 4+), Lil’ Math Whiz (Pre-K+), Chemistry/Physics (Grades 11 – 12) & More…

Why Choose Above Grade Level Tutoring:

  • Proven Tutoring Results:

    When you engage Above Grade Level in Vancouver for your tutoring needs, you can have complete peace of mind that we will deliver results for your child, every time. We’ve already helped students in 3 countries, over the last 3 decades. Tens of thousands of student success stories validate the effectiveness of our approach.

  • Guaranteed Grade Boost:

    Your child will improve by at least 1 school letter grade. Most of our students see a 2 to 3 school letter grade rise in less than 6 months. If a student is already an overachiever before joining us, s/he will soar to levels of understanding well beyond his/her own school grade level.

  • Unparalleled Tutoring Method:

    1-on-1 expert tutoring right in your own home is really the most optimal way to learn. Combine this approach with our world class curricula which we have spent 30 years relentlessly honing and perfecting, at a cost of over $1.5M, and your child benefits from rapid learning gains and a corresponding rapid rise in grades and self confidence. Our tutoring truly transforms.

  • Exceptional Tutors:

    Your child will get a world class, expert tutor, for 1-on-1 instruction. Study after study have proven the same basic truth: tutor quality really matters! Moreover, the richer the “feedback loop” between student and tutor, the faster a student learns and masters new material. Consequently, we recruit, screen, “extensively test”, and then only hire “first draft”, world class tutors to work with us. Whether certified teachers, scholars pursuing advanced education, or subject matter experts working in the commercial space – we require all of our tutors to successfully pass through a gauntlet of tests to demonstrate world class expertise. Of the small subset who meet our criteria, we then only hire those who have an infectious enthusiasm and passion for passing on knowledge.

  • Complete Personalization:

    Our approach to tutoring is entirely personalized and individualized, based on your child’s unique needs and unique learning profile. Step one in our process is the administration of a FREE Skill Level Evaluation (Value of $150) to assess your child’s strengths and problem areas. Step two involves building a custom tailored learning program just for your child, based on his/her evaluation results. Our systematic and fully individualized approach yields immediate improvement for students, literally from their first tutoring session, onward. We have mastered the art of learning.

  • Total Convenience In Your Own Home:

    Our expert tutors will come to your location, wherever you are in Vancouver. Why should you work around the location and scheduling dictates of a learning centre when you can instead get world class tutoring, right in the comfort of your home, at a time most convenient for you! Reduce the time loss and stress of driving around.

  • Key Subjects Tutored:

    Our tutors cover all the core subjects that matter most to your child’s success: Math (K - Grade 12), English (K - Grade 10), Reading (Ages 4+), Lil’ Math Whiz (Pre-K+) and high school physics and chemistry. In Vancouver, we even tutor subjects beyond these. Just ask.

Start today – with $100 worth of FREE world class, tutoring – 1-on-1 & right in your home!

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We Offer 2 Special Programs For Your Young Child

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We Offer 2 Special Programs For Your Young Child

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