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Above Grade Level provides in-home, professional instruction in Mathematics, English, Reading, Chemistry and Physics. Our expertly-developed, customized and proven curriculum is so effective that we guarantee your child’s grade will improve by at least one letter grade or ten percentage points. Our proven curriculum, plus one-to-one undivided attention to your child, is why we can guarantee such results.

Above Grade Level’s programs and materials were developed by an international team of education experts and the content is continuously revised and updated to ensure your child receives the best instruction possible. Whether your child is a struggling learner, on track with peers, or gifted and looking for acceleration, we have unique, customized programs to meet individual needs.

Our Guarantee

Your child will improve at least one letter grade or 10 percentage points in mathematics or English after 35 tutoring sessions* or we’ll provide 10 additional hours at no further cost.
*The tutoring sessions must be completed in a timely manner and as prescribed by the individualized learning program developed for your child. Results are based on the initial and follow-up assessments done by Above Grade Level.

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