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A remarkable tutoring franchise opportunity – that will transform your life.

Imagine a life where you can:

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  • Work from home,

  • Generate a great income &

  • Be your own boss

– while helping kids in your community soar with better grades and surging confidence?

You can have all of these rewards, and more, with an Above Grade Level franchise, all for a very reasonable investment. This is a one-of-a-kind franchise opportunity in the children’s franchise sector.

Imagine offering your students a GUARANTEED 1-letter grade improvement.

While working from home, you will be able to send out world class tutors, to work 1-on-1 with students, in their own private homes. (Yes, that’s right: this is an entirely home based business. Imagine the convenience of a 5 meter commute to work each day!)

Thanks to our unique, turnkey tutoring curriculum you will be able to offer your students a guaranteed 1 letter grade improvement, at minimum. (A 2+ letter grade rise is common in less than 6 months.)

Our curriculum has been honed and perfected for over 3 decades, at a cost of $1.5M, so you can have total confidence in its effectiveness.

It has already helped tens of thousands of students, across 3 countries, get better grades. It will do the same for your clients.

Math, English, physics, chemistry, and more – we’ll equip and train you to cover the subjects students need most.

You’ll get an integrated set of proven systems and processes to run your business:

  • A turnkey marketing system that will consistently generate leads for you from online (PPC, SEO, banners, social media) and offline (newspapers, flyers, in-mall promotions, local networking) advertising sources.
  • A turnkey sales conversion system that allows you to turn these leads into new clients (who will renew again and again) with impressive efficiency.
  • A turnkey tutor recruitment, screening, hiring, evaluation, training, and management system. You’ll have the best tutors in your area working for you, helping your students succeed!
  • A turnkey teaching system. Our multi-sensory curriculum caters to all students and rapidly improves students’ grades and confidence levels. It’ll do the same for your students.

Above Grade Level Franchise Webinar

Imagine if Wayne Gretzky could whisper plays into your ear, while you were live on the ice….

That’s what it’s like to have Head Office on your side, day in and day out, to help you succeed. With our unique Heartbeat tracking and administration system, you have us, on your team, watching over your operating activities and business analytics in real time, every day, like a world class coach, ready to provide helpful guidance, whenever the need arises.

You are never alone, with this franchise opportunity.

You’ll gain access to our decades of experience in the tutoring industry, and over 350+ years of combined experience in education. We have been in the trenches.

We know how to guide you to success.

You’ll be tapping into a remarkable, recession proof industry.

The tutoring industry has:

  • Experienced growth for 50 years straight
  • Has increased in size by 10x in just the last 10 years, according to The Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money Magazine (Sept. 2011 Edition)
  • Is poised to continue to grow through 2025, as far out as current forecasts go &
  • Has proven to be recession proof

You would be hard pressed to find an industry with a more attractive low risk, high growth profile. One probably does not exist.

Act now – before it’s too late…

The Above Grade Level franchise concept has spread across the US in just 4 years. Act today to lock-in your preferred territory in Canada before it is gone! Enjoy the perks of running your own home based business, in the children’s franchise category – and really make a difference in the lives of kids!

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