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What our parents and students are saying about Above Grade Level

My tutor showed me Geometry from a completely different perspective than in class. Individual tutoring and assistance allowed me to work out any and all parts of a difficult question, so that I was able to master each section without fear of reoccurring difficulty. Thanks a lot!

John - Grade 10

(My son’s) grades have improved – along with his general understanding of math concepts. But most importantly – his confidence is at a much higher level.

Karyn - Parent of a Grade 6 student

The tutoring has helped me a lot in school for Physics and Algebra. At the beginning of this school year I had an F in Physics but now I have a B+. I understand these subjects much better than before and am able to comprehend them better in class. The tutors are great and have helped me a lot in progressing in Physics and Algebra. Karl and Nicole go through each problem I have slowly and step-by-step, so I am able to understand it all the way through.

Anna - Grade 11

The program has increased her confidence. It has been worth every penny.

Parent of a Grade 4 Student

My English has improved from a C to a B+. The tutors are really cool.

Austin - Grade 7

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