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Summer Programs

Leap Ahead, Rather Than Regress, Over The Summer!

Above Grade Level offers a variety of summer programs for every age and grade level to enhance your child’s summer learning experience. These programs ensure that your child has the skills and confidence needed to move easily into more advanced subjects that will be taken in the next school year.

Enrolling your child in a summer program will also combat the very real summer brain drain phenomenon experienced by most students. Studies show that students lose up to 3 months of prior learning over the summer months, due to lack of academic stimulation. This is a serious problem. Enrolling your child in a high quality summer program will not only combat this regression, but will also allow your child to leap ahead!

Special Summer Programs:

  • Math Transition Program for soon-to-be 9 grade students will ensure that your child is ready for the more demanding curriculum encountered in high school.
  • Advanced Functions and Calculus & Vectors can also be taken during the summer months to prepare the student to excel in these courses in the coming school year.
  • Writing Skills Programs for 9 – 12th grade students. These special programs teach students how to write clearly and effectively, a skill that is critical to success across all of schooling, throughout their professional careers, and in life, generally.

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