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Super Readers

Reading Instructional System

Looking for a Reading Program?

Above Grade Level has an advanced reading instructional system known as the SUPER READERS program. This reading system can can take a non-reader, starting as young as 4 years old, all the way to a beginning grade 3 reading level, with impressive efficiency.

Let’s Turn Your Child Into A SUPER READER (Ages 4+)

Reading is the doorway to all of schooling. It is the most essential skill a child will ever develop. Starting early will open this doorway wider for your child, which will lead to a greater academic advantage for your child.

Enrolling your child in the Above Grade Level’s SUPER READERS program, will set him / her on the path to success, right from the start.

See the reading program in action!

This instructional method is so powerful that in the largest reading intervention study ever undertaken in North America, it won out against every major reading instructional method tested, in every single category measured. This study involved tens of thousands of students from different backgrounds from 178 communities. 23 areas were tested – and this program came out at the TOP.

Open the doorway to your child’s academic success, by enrolling him/her in our SUPER READERS program today!

(If your child is struggling with reading, this program is perfect for you.)

Contact your local Above Grade Level office to find out more about our reading program.

Advanced Reading Program

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