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Math Tutoring

For too long, parents have been befuddled by how to help their kids succeed in math. It is an abstract subject and teaching it does not come intuitively, to the uninitiated.

The good news is that Above Grade Level has developed a systematic approach that will help your child conquer mathematics completely.

We cover all your math needs: K to Grade 12, arithmetic to calculus. Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, data management, advanced functions – these are all in our wheelhouse. Need a specific stream? Academic or applied? Not a problem.

For us, conquering math is no mystery: it is merely a process, since we have already helped tens of thousands of students across 3 countries markedly increase their math grades, fast!

In fact, we guarantee your child a one letter grade rise, at minimum. A 2 to 3 letter grade rise is not uncommon.

What most parents do not understand, and about which they can take great comfort, is that math is a subject based on the BUILDING BLOCK PRINCIPLE. Meaning, each concept builds upon the one before it, like bricks in an intricate wall of knowledge, each brick representing a sub-strand of Mathematics. Now, the trick is that each layer of bricks is entirely dependent on the ones beneath it.

This is why kids get lost! If any ‘brick’ in the brick wall structure is weak or only partially formed that area of your child’s knowledge wall will be impossible to effectively build on top of.

You cannot build on top of what is broken.

Missing bricks will be an on-going impediment to future learning in each related sub-strand of math.

In simple terms, it would be like trying to teach a child multiplication while they are still struggling to understand arithmetic.

The great news is that this VERY Brick Wall structure means that helping your child succeed in math is EASY!

  • First you have to diagnose your child’s current strengths and pinpoint any ‘learning gaps (weak or non-existent bricks) they have within each sub-strand of math. We will provide for your child a Free Skill Level Evaluation to do exactly that. It has a value of $150, but it is yours – absolutely FREE.
  • Next, we will build a custom tailored program for your child, based on the above. Our time tested, proven curriculum will provide the structure and content of this program. A product of 30 years of honing and perfecting, it will transform your child’s math skills.
  • Then, we create a structured tutoring schedule for your child, to work 1-on-1 with one of our world class tutors, during which your child will systematically progress through his/her program until all learning gaps (missing bricks) have been filled – and his/her knowledge wall is made structurally sound.
  • During this process, you will witness your child’s math confusion turn into insight. Fear turn into confidence. And math grades head skyward. Report card time will become a time of high fives, not tears.

If your child is already excelling at math, our powerful curriculum will take him/her to new levels of insight and math mastery, faster than ever before & – well beyond what is typically experienced in the school system.

To take the first steps to academic success for your child, contact us about our Free Assessment today. It will lay down the blueprint for your child’s success in math – and it’s entirely FREE.

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