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Enrichment Program

We have many students who enroll in our individualized enrichment programs. Often, gifted students need to be challenged with a more difficult and/or advanced curriculum because they are bored with the classroom instruction designed for the average student. Our free comprehensive assessment provides us with a baseline of a student’s strengths and problem areas. We use the results to create an enrichment program that is challenging and rewarding to the gifted student.

Our enrichment programs are designed to provide more in-depth coverage of current class work as well as propelling the talented student forward into more advanced subject matter. Our vast array of teaching materials, developed over the past 30 years, allow us to identify the enrichment materials that help ensure success for each student.

High school students taking Advanced Placement courses will benefit from our tutoring program in these subjects to ensure that they achieve the highest possible score on the AP exam and, thus, earn the university / college credit they desire. Our professional tutors work closely with the AP subject matter to ensure the student’s success.

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