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Language Arts (English) Tutoring

Get Custom Tailored, 1-to-1 World Class Tutoring, In Your Home!

Think you have a budding young Shakespeare on your hands? Or perhaps you just want your child to master the basics of English?

Whatever the case may be, if it concerns English (K to Grade 10), we have a program that will help your child’s English skills (and grades) soar! We also offer an essay writing program for high school students.

We guarantee a 1-letter grade improvement. 2 to 3 letter grade leap is not atypical. With tens of thousands of student success stories to our credit, across 3 countries, you can be confident your child will be our next one!

We cover all the fundamentals of English – reading comprehension, phonics, vocabulary building, spelling, grammar, and writing.

And, let’s be honest – reading and writing and vocabulary skills are absolutely central to a child’s success in every subject at school, and ultimately will play a defining role in your child’s overall success in life. The stakes are high.

In fact, a recent 2013 study by the OECD – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development – found that reading for pleasure at the age of 15 is a strong factor in determining future social mobility – in other words, your child’s economic success in life. Indeed, the study revealed this to be the most important indicator of the future success of a child.

To even set the stage for the possibility of your child becoming someone who reads for pleasure in his teenage years you FIRST must lay down a solid foundation and complete mastery of the basics of English.

With our structured, Brick Wall-based approach to TOTAL English mastery, we will ensure that your child not only has all the crucial skills in place, but that s/he excels in all areas – and develops a PASSION for English.

This in turn will open the doorway to a lifetime of learning and communicating and success – in education and in the world at large.

To hand your child a passport to a brighter future, call today to get started with one of our English programs. It all begins with a FREE, priceless Evaluation (yours FREE with no obligation – call to get it today!)

Want to learn more about Your Child’s Free, Priceless Evaluation?

Our process begins with an ENTIRELY FREE comprehensive skill level Evaluation, which will evaluate your child on eight sub-skills of reading: high-frequency words, word recognition, phonics, phonemic awareness, oral vocabulary, spelling, reading, and fluency – thus revealing your child’s unique reading profile, and EXACTLY what we need to do to take it to the next level.

Does your child need a pre-reading evaluation instead? Our pre-reading evaluation will assess your child on 9 phonemic awareness skills including: 1) addition, 2) deletion, 3) substitution, 4) identification, 5) categorization, 6) blending, 7) segmenting, 8) isolation, and 9) rhyming.

The results of your child’s evaluation will allow us to build a custom tailored plan to dramatically improve his/her English skills.

Pair this with a world-class, in home tutor who will work through this material with your child, 1-on-1, in the privacy of your own home environment, and you will understand why we generate dramatic results for students faster than parents think possible. Prepare to witness a sharp grade rise and surging confidence in your child!

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