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We Find The Extraordinary

Our exceptional cadre of tutors are carefully screened and rigorously tested in every sub-strand of the subject matter they hope to tutor for us, and then selected based on passion, pedagogical flair, and their ability to build rapport with students. Most of our tutors are either credentialed teachers or are pursuing advanced university level studies in the subject which they tutor; some are simply academically gifted.

Ultimately, though, we go beyond credentials and expect all candidates, regardless of experience or background, to demonstrate to us TOTAL subject mastery based on their performance on a gauntlet of subject specific tests we assign to them. An eye for exceptionalism drives our tutor selections. And, no one gets to rest on their laurels.

To become one of our elite tutors, you need, as NASA likes to say, The Right Stuff.

When it comes to your specific child, we take it a step further, and from within our elite pool of expert tutors, we will select just the right candidate to work with your child, based on his/her unique needs and personality type. This kind of magical alignment between student and tutor accelerates the learning process and will create in your child genuine enthusiasm for the tutoring experience.

Then you get to sit back, and watch the magic unfold, as your child experiences better grades, heightened self confidence, and a genuine eagerness to learn!

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