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Our unique, 1-on-1, in-home tutoring service is guaranteed to take your child’s grades to the next level, literally.

We guarantee your child a 1 letter grade rise, at minimum. (A 2+ letter grade lift is not uncommon.)

Math, English, physics, chemistry, and more – we cover the subjects you need.

Math Tutoring


Above Grade Level has developed a systematic approach that will help your child conquer mathematics completely. We cover all your math needs: K to Grade 12, arithmetic to calculus. Would you like to know your child’s math grade equivalent? Call today!

English Tutoring


Our English product covers all the fundamentals of English – reading comprehension, phonics, vocabulary building, spelling, grammar, and writing. It all begins with our English evaluation, which helps in designing a customized program to address your child’s needs.

Chemistry & Physics Tutoring

Chemistry & Physics

Our expert physics and chemistry tutors will work, 1-on-1 with your child, customizing instruction based on your child’s school curriculum and exact learning needs. Contact us if your child is struggling in physics or chemistry.

Super Readers - Our Reading Program

Super Readers Program

Super Readers is a revolutionary reading instructional program used to help teach young children (ages 4+) how to read. This proven and tested system is so remarkable it will put your child on the fast track to academic success.

Lil' Math Whiz - Early Math Skills Program

Lil' Math Whiz Program

Lil’ Math Whiz is an early math instructional program that lays down the conceptual map of mathematics. Its revolutionary “Small Steps Design” puts advanced concepts within the reach of young students (Pre-K+), very rapidly, with no strain or difficulty.

Exam Preparation Program

Exam Preparation

Exam time can often be stressful and overwhelming, but we can make it easier for your child with are Exam Preparation program. Each student receives a custom designed exam prep package, to help your child be prepared for success during the exam season!

How can we offer a grade improvement guarantee?

Simply put, we know what works! We’ve helped tens of thousands of students, across 3 countries, get better grades.

Better Grades

My tutor showed me Geometry from a completely new perspective than in class. Individual tutoring and assistance allowed me to work out any and all parts of a difficult question, so I was able to master each section without fear of recurring difficulty. Thanks a lot!

John - Grade 10

Here are the steps we’ll take to get your child extraordinary results – fast:

  • We’ll develop an individualized learning program for your child, based on his/her diagnosed strengths and areas for improvement.
  • We’ll match your child with one of our world class tutors, for on-going, 1-on-1 instruction.
  • We’ll create a structured learning plan for your child using our unique teaching curriculum. Honed and perfected for over 3 decades, our proven curriculum caters to all students and quickly elevates grades and confidence!

Every Student Is Unique...Their Tutoring Should Be Too!

To open the doors to a brighter academic future for your child, call today!

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